We have always been inspired by genuine experiences. Authentic friendships. Real conversations. When we take time to sit down with loved ones, ingredients matter. We believe in the Italian tradition of crafting homemade pasta from scratch. And our passion for fresh drives us to use only the finest ingredients, prepared on-site, by hand, every day. Just because food can be prepared quickly, doesn’t mean it should lack the quality of a homemade meal. From fresh tomatoes to fresh garlic to meats and fish, honoring this legacy of authentic dining is at the heart of everything we do. Stop by and let us share the experience of tradition with you.


At the Heart of Everything We Do Lies a Moment

That moment when you realize…”I’m enjoying an authentic Italian meal”.
It’s the reason why we traveled back to Italy to select the best Semolina flour to make our fresh pasta.  It’s why we searched all over Puglia to pick our cherry tomatoes.  (Puglia is known for growing the very best cherry tomatoes in all of Italy)
And it’s why we even handpicked the type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we use in all of our delicious recipes.
It’s also why we decided to have all of these fine ingredients imported to our restaurant, making sure we always deliver the best pasta dishes to our customers.
And because moments like these are best enjoyed fresh, we also get our fish delivered daily from the market, our meats brought straight from our local butcher and our mozzarella is prepared for us daily from “Casa Della Mozzarella”

Aurora, who’s also the Chef, longed to recreate the traditional Italian cuisine she grew up with.  That’s why she also prepares all of her sauces from scratch so that you always get to experience the true flavors of Napoli, Italy.
When you sit down to eat with us you can honestly say…”I’m experiencing real authentic Italian food” It’s a moment you’ll want to share with the people you care about most.